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The undersigned (Buyer) is interested in potentially receiving the portfolio information and financials for several Minnesota Resort Sales (MNRS) listings (The Resorts). Information regarding the financial condition of the Resorts will be disclosed to the Buyer in the course of preparation of the purchase agreement and in the course of preparation for closing of the transaction. The Buyer understands and agrees that such information is confidential and the disclosure of such information may have an adverse economic impact on the resort operations and the current owner(s). To protect that information, the Buyer agrees to the following:

1. The Buyer will not disclose to any individual, corporation or entity any information obtained from Minnesota Resort Sales (MNRS), which in any way relates to the value or conduct of the Resorts without consent of MNRS except as follows: the Buyer may disclose such information to Buyer’s attorney, accountant or banker on condition that these professionals maintain confidentiality of the information. This provision is to be interpreted broadly, so as to apply to all directors, officers, agents or employees of the Buyer.

2. The Buyer agrees that they will not make any contact with the sellers of the properties. The Buyer also agrees not to visit the properties unless an appointment is scheduled in advance with MNRS.

3. In the event the Buyer elects not to acquire any Resorts, Buyer agrees to return to MNRS all written materials supplied to the Buyer relating to the Resort.

4. Violation of this covenant of non-disclosure shall entitle the owners of the Resorts, to any remedy or relief permitted by Minnesota law.

5. Any property information disclosed will be added to a cumulative list kept under file in buyers name.

                                           BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES DISCLAIMER:
The financial information being disclosed to you as a potential buyer for a property listed with Minnesota Resort Sales, is valid to the best of the seller’s knowledge. Minnesota Resort Sales, the sellers, any agents or associates, cannot guarantee any future value or income potential of this business.
The success of the purchaser in operating this business is speculative and will depend on several factors including but not limited to the purchasers independent business ability. The purchaser has not relied upon any warranty or representation, written, oral, printed, expressed or implied, as to his/her ability to succeed in the business venture contemplated hereby and no one has promised, guaranteed or assured the buyer of any level of success or income. The buyers will not hold Minnesota Resort Sales, the sellers, any agents or associates liable for the performance of the business being considered.
Note: This is a legal document. By signing and submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above
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