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Our goal at Minnesota Resort Sales has always been to provide a quality service in a professional manner to both buyers and sellers. Our knowledge and experience in the Resort industry is your assurance of having piece of mind knowing your interest in buying or selling will be handled in a confidential, professional and timely manner.

SELLERS have trusted Minnesota Resort Sales since 1980 to provide professional services that allow them to move on to the next phase of life. Minnesota Resort Sales has been trusted to market and sell everything from “Ma & Pa” Resorts and Campgrounds up to Multi-Million dollar Corporate operations. Our advanced, in-depth marketing programs are un-matched in the Resort Sales industry.

Minnesota Resort Sales is the ONLY specialized Broker in Minnesota that attends numerous Sports Shows each year…from Iowa to the Dakotas to Minnesota & Wisconsin. In addition, we are the only Company that has made major investments in Television advertising, including commercials throughout the Midwest and our own TV Show…Minnesota Resort Sales OUTDOORS which airs in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Iowa. So remember, when you speak to other Brokers who want to charge you just to price your operation out, ask them where they spend their marketing dollars beyond their websites. No other Broker invests more in marketing than we do. Our results prove this fact. As a Seller you should ask one simple question of a Broker…“How many operations have you sold in the past couple of years?” The Brokers and Agents at Minnesota Resort Sales treat each and every operation with equal importance. This is a very specialized industry, hire a Specialist to get the results you deserve. For a free NO obligation Market Analysis and a Private Interview click HERE

BUYERS , if you are interested in purchasing a Resort or Campground operation now or in the future, or would like to know more about the process to purchase and would like to be placed on our Resort buyer’s inquiry data base, please feel free to give us a call or e-mail anytime. It will be our pleasure to personally assist you in your search for that right Resort or Campground property of your choice. Ask us for testimonials and the names and numbers of former buyers we’ve helped through the entire process, from finding the right Resort to obtaining financing & taking care of all the paperwork. We will go through all the financial data we provide to you in order to get you 100% comfortable with the investment you are considering. All of our Owners that we represent will be more than happy to get into great detail as well. This is a “Team” effort when it comes to buying and selling operations. You as a buyer want to buy & our sellers want to sell. Minnesota Resort Sales looks out for both sides of the transaction from beginning to end. Because after all, without you as a buyer, there would not be a seller. It’s that simple.
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A quick note for buyers!!
It's been a VERY busy fall and Mid-winter for us here at Minnesota Resort Sales. We've listed MANY new properties from around the entire state. Several of these listings are very confidential in nature and in that case many ready buyers have kept in contact with me here. By keeping in touch, you can learn about these special opportunities..so don't hesitate to call me any time. I'll do my best to get you into the Resort or RV park you've been looking for.
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